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Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Wikipedia: Open-Source Encyclopedia Project

It Get's Better and Better and...

Here's an example of what the web can be. Wikipedia and Nupedia are open-source content projects that are building on-line, ever-improving free encyclopedias. That may sound wacky to you, but here's the Wikis' response:

"You might expect Wikipedia to be a low-quality product because it's open to everyone. But, perhaps it's the fact that it is open to everyone that makes a lot of these articles pretty good, and ever-improving. To alter a now-famous catchphrase: 'Given enough eyeballs, all errors are shallow.' We tend to cater to the highest common denominator — "lower denominators" tend politely not to touch articles they know nothing about! There are a lot of Ph.D.s and graduate students and other very smart and knowledgeable people at work here — but everyone is welcome."

I'm adding the Wikipedia to my search engine favorites. Check it out at www.wikipedia.com.


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