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Tuesday, July 09, 2002

The Blogging Revolution

Weblogs are to words what Napster was to music

What is the sound of a paradigm shifting? Andrew Sullivan says "Blog!" In this May 2002 Wired magazine article, he asks: "Why should established writers go to newspapers and magazines to get an essay published, when they can simply write it themselves, convert it into a .pdf file, and charge a few bucks per download? Just as magazine and newspaper editors are slinking into the sunset, so too might all the agents and editors in the book market." Read entire article on Wired. See Andrew Sullivan's Blog.

Dave Winer vs. NYT Digital's Martin Nisenholtz
square off on blogs and the future of news

Will weblogs outrank the New York Times Web site by 2007 (based on a Google search of five keywords or phrases reflecting the top five news stories)? Read on.


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